Introducing Connect

The new way to LoadUp

  • Higher pay
  • Ability to upsell
  • Direct customer payment


Lighting Fast Service

Freedom to run your business the way you want & control the revenue!


Transform the way you interact with customers using LoadUp Connect, our new way to get jobs. Customers have the option to book service now and pay you directly after order completion.

Scale your success with point subscriptions. LoadUp Connect offers customers the same services, branded as LoadUp Now, but allows Customers to book and then pay the Loader on-site upon completion. If the customer chooses ‘Pay On-Site,’ then no payment is collected from the Customer until the day of service.


Purchase Points Plan

This is your ticket to unlocking lucrative job opportunities. No points, no access.


New Jobs Available

Connect will offer the booking to Loaders for purchase with Loader Points, rather than as a payout.


Points Buy Job Rights

Loaders will purchase the booking using points and will be responsible for completing the order.


Collect Payment Onsite

Loaders collect payment directly from the customer, and will recieve a larger % of the job revenue.

LoadUp Connect onsite payment opportunities


Get paid directly by customers and get full access to jobs

Here’s the twist! With Connect, you charge the customer directly on-site. That’s right, you get to pocket your full earnings without waiting on us. Loaders will see 10-20%+ higher average earnings than with standard orders on the platform.

  • Faster payouts, collected onsite
  • Higher earned revenue percentage
  • Exclusive access to jobs via points

Get Started ❯

Purchase a points subscription to access onsite payment jobs via LoadUp Connect


Scale your success with point subscriptions to access jobs

With Connect, points mean power! Having points gives you exclusive access to job opportunities that pay onsite. The only way to stack up on points is through purchasing a monthly points subscription. This is your ticket to unlocking lucrative job opportunities. No points, no access.

Get Started ❯


Point Plans Built For Scale

A new way for Loaders to get paid based on monthly point subscriptions.


Tier 1

$300 $250 / month
  • 2,500 Points
  • 3 Avg. Orders
  • $556 Avg. Revenue


Tier 2

$̶600 $500 / month
  • 5,250 Points
  • 6 Avg. Orders
  • $1,167 Avg. Revenue


Tier 3

$̶900 $750 / month
  • 8,250 Points
  • 9 Avg. Orders
  • $1,833 Avg. Revenue


Tier 4

$̶1,200 $1,000 / month
  • 11,500 Points
  • 13 Avg. Orders
  • $2,556 Avg. Revenue


Tier 5

$̶1,800 $1,500 / month
  • 18,000 Points
  • 20 Avg. Orders
  • $4,000 Avg. Revenue


Tier 6

$̶3,600 $3,000 / month
  • 37,500 Points
  • 42 Avg. Orders
  • $8,333 Avg. Revenue

Want more?

Ask about our customizable Enterprise Plan!

*Average order values are based on the revenue size of the jobs you select.

*Average revenue figures are based on the revenue size of the jobs you purchase and may vary based on market availability.

LoadUp Connect FAQ’s

How do I know it’s a Connect order?

You will receive a LoadUp Connect Availability Notice via your Loader App.

What am I collecting from customers onsite?

The only thing you need to collect from customers is payment onsite after the job is complete. All job details will be available in the Loader App just like current orders.

How do I charge customers?

Loaders will collect payment directly from the customer on their own terms, whether it be Cash App, Venmo, etc. You are able to negotiate upsells directly with the customer and charge them directly onsite.

Do I need to stick to the quoted price?

Changing the quoted price for the items the customer has booked can get you a negative review. We’re in this together, and shifting blame won’t help. But here’s the good news! If customers have additional items or tasks, it’s a golden chance for you to upsell.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you may cancel your points subscription plan at anytime. Unfortunately, any current or previously purchased points you own at the time of cancellation are non-refundable. Cancellations can be initiated with 30 days written notice. After giving notice, all remaining points remain available for use and do not expire.

The Connect Advantage

Higher Avg. Earnings

Connect jobs only charge for the booking directly as a percentage of the revenue quoted to the customer.

More Payment Options

Take control of customer payments and except Cash, Cash App, Venmo, Credit Card, and more.

Upselling Services

You are able to negotiate upsells directly with the customer since you’re charging onsite.

Points Mean Power

Having points gets you exclusive access to higher revenue job opportunities that pay onsite.

Exclusive Job Access

The opportunity for more revenue is now in your hands. Jobs can now be purchased using points.

Customer Connection

Seamless direct service-booking system, fostering closer connections between Loaders and consumers.


Join LoadUp Connect

Success on Connect revolves around transparency, professionalism, and delivering top-notch service. The better the experience, the better the reviews, the more job opportunities available!

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